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Representing Product Liability Injury Victims

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What is Product Liability?

Product liability law can help you if a dangerous, faulty or defective product has injured you. Businesses that manufacture or distribute a product have a legal responsibility to ensure the product is safe for its intended use. A harmful or faulty product, such as a dangerous drug or dangerous medical device, can cause lasting harm to users through no fault of their own.

Product liability law pertains to both the manufacturer and distributor (or seller) of a dangerous product. In general, the kinds of product defects that invoke product liability when an injury occurs can be grouped into one or more of the following three categories:

  • Design defect: The inherent design of the product itself poses unnecessary risk. An example of this might be a vehicle that due to poor design is excessively prone to a rollover accident.
  • Assembly defect: The product’s design is not flawed, but during the process of assembling it for the final end-user, poor workmanship creates an excessive risk of injury to the user.
  • Warning defect: The instructions or warnings (on the packaging or contained within it) do not adequately inform the user of the product’s potential injury risks. Inadequate safety warnings are often a factor in dangerous drug cases.

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