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Premises liability law relates to a property owner’s obligation to protect (within reason) the safety of others who rightfully access that property. Negligent maintenance of a building, sidewalk, or parking garage can lead to a slip and fall accident or injuries to children and other visitors. If you suffered an injury caused by a careless property owner, don’t wait any longer to find out how the law relates to the injury or loss you have suffered.

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Premises Liability Law in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma premises liability law is based on a legal concept called “Duty of Care,” which means that any citizen has a duty to exercise reasonable care so as not to intentionally create undue risk or danger for others.

If you feel that another’s negligence violates that standard that led to an injury or loss, you can file a premises liability claim. The claim must show:

  • Breach of Duty (of care) — Reasonable measures to prevent a known or foreseeable risk were not taken by the property owner.
  • Causation — The property owner’s actions or failure to act either directly or indirectly led to injury.

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