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Understanding Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis

Spinal cord injury can lead to full or partial paralysis in some cases. Other accidents that damage the spinal cord may cause the victim to experience persistent nerve pain and other symptoms. Spinal cord injury and paralysis are nearly always permanent conditions that can affect a victim’s entire family and impair their quality of life.

Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injury

Besides the loss of the use of one or more limbs, symptoms of spinal cord injury may include:

  • Shooting pain down the arms or legs
  • Tremors in the hands
  • Loss of fine motor control
  • Inability to sleep lying down without extreme pain
  • Loss of a range of motion in the spine

Spinal cord injuries often occur in a fall from heights or other workplace accident in a hazardous environment, such as an oil field accident. If a passenger is thrown from a vehicle or is trapped in a vehicle, during a rollover accident, spinal cord injury and paralysis are two common injury outcomes.

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