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Other Serious Injuries That May Be Considered Catastrophic

Other injuries can be considered catastrophic if they are predicted to carry a lifetime of suffering. These types of injuries may include:

Loss of Hearing
Loss of hearing may result in full or partial deafness. Full and partial deafness can permanently change your quality of life. If this occurs, you may be unable to perform your job as you did before the hearing loss. A severe blow to the head can lead to loss of hearing or deafness. In some cases, the inner ear is permanently damaged.

Some causes of loss of hearing may not arise from a blow to the head. Instead, exposure to noise without adequate ear protection may lead to loss of hearing. This may occur over a long period of time or suddenly.

Loss of Vision
Loss of vision or blindness may be permanent or temporary, depending on the nature and extent of the injury. Regardless of the nature of the accident, an injury victim who suffers full or partial loss of vision may become:

  • Unable to work
  • Unable to drive
  • Unable to care for dependents
  • Unable to care for themselves

Loss of vision can result from trauma to the head or face. Persons who suffer permanent loss of vision or blindness may qualify for long-term disability benefits.

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