Oklahoma City Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Know Your Rights as a Bicycle Accident Victim

Bicycling is a popular way to get around in Oklahoma City, where cyclists have access to an extensive network of bicycle paths stretching across the city and its suburbs. Despite increased bicycle traffic and awareness of bicycle safety laws, cyclists are at risk of getting seriously injured in accidents with cars. In fact, in 2013, according to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, 76 bicycle accidents were reported. The majority of those crashes – 18 – involved cyclists under 16 years old.

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

It is important that drivers understand bicyclists have a right to be on the road. However, that doesn’t stop many drivers from making careless or reckless decisions when cyclists are nearby. Drivers have an obligation to give cyclists enough room when passing them, but unfortunately, inattentive drivers do not always fulfill this duty. A large number of accidents occur when cars merge into cyclists, turn in front of them, or strike them from behind.

Circumstances that commonly lead to a bicycle accident include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Failing to signal and check blind spot before changing lanes
  • Ignoring stop signs and yield signs
  • Driving with distractions (cell phones, loud music, etc.)

Consequences of a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents often lead to serious injury for the rider. Among the most common are fractures and broken bones. In some cases, serious injuries may require surgery, leaving the victim with weeks or months of recovery time. With an inability to work during recovery, medical bills can quickly add up, spelling serious financial difficulty for a victim and his or her family.

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