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Can I collect workers’ comp if I’ve been terminated from my job while injured?

Yes, but less than you could have received prior to the reforms. If you are fortunate enough to obtain compensation for your injury (that is, the employer fires you after the injury), the amount you may be able to get has been reduced by 30 percent in some cases and, in most cases, by 70 percent to 80 percent.

How much can I collect if I can’t work due to my injury?

If you can’t work due to your injury, you may be able to collect Temporary Total Disability, but this funding has been slashed from $735 per week to $515.

What can I do if my claim has been denied?

If your employer denies your claim, you can appeal to a three-person committee composed of people chosen not by an independent party, but by the employer! Additionally, your employer can choose that your claim be submitted to binding arbitration. And who gets to pick the arbitrator? The employer does.

What happens when my case gets heard by the new judges?

All new judges under the newly implemented workers’ compensation laws are appointed by a commission composed of people who do not even have to be lawyers. The new judges do not even have to consider rules of evidence, so they could accept an un-notarized affidavit from an employer that the injury did not occur and consider it as evidence.

What happens if I lose my case?

If you lose your case, your case is appealed to the commission, people handpicked by the Governor, whose objective is to completely eliminate workers’ compensation benefits for injured workers.

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