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The on-the-job accident hurt you and your family

Oklahoma workers compensation laws are in place to protect men and women who experience a workplace injury and are unable to perform their jobs. The experienced Oklahoma City workers’ comp attorneys of the Dan Davis Law Firm are prepared to assist you with your initial claim for benefits or with a denied workers’ compensation claim. Call 1-800-HURTLINE today. Find out how an Oklahoma City workplace accident lawyer can help you get pursue the money and benefits you need and deserve.

A workers’ compensation claim may be the result of an accident

The various types of compensation and benefits that Oklahoma workers compensation law allows reflect the wide range of work-related injuries that can occur. Injuries can occur on any job – even a desk job in an office. But some jobs have a higher risk of an accident than others. For example, serious injuries or fatalities from a construction accident or oil field accident are not uncommon. These cases can be complex. While you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, you also may have grounds to pursue a third party claim. This type of claim may be filed if someone other than your employer was responsible for the accident. By hiring an experienced Oklahoma City workers compensation attorney in the appropriate situation, you can be sure that you are not overlooking compensation for your injury or loss to which you may be entitled.

While workers compensation (sometimes called workman’s comp) is designed to provide money and benefits for workers injured on the job, sometimes it’s not easy to receive those benefits. You will need an experienced lawyer in Oklahoma City who understands the process. You will need someone who will fight for you – a work injury lawyer who is not afraid to stand up to the insurance companies. Dan Davis has more than 25 years of experience protecting the rights of the injured.

Call 1-800-HURTLINE with the details of your workers compensation claim

Your claim for workers compensation benefits should be your Number One priority. If you become a client of the Dan Davis Law Firm, we will make it ours. Put the knowledge and resources of experienced workers compensation lawyer in Oklahoma City behind you. Contact us right now by calling 1-800-HURTLINE for a free initial consultation. We have experience handling the insurance companies and know how the law protects your right to be treated fairly. Make this moment the time you start fighting back.