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What your attorney can do for your Social Security Disability claim

Calling 1-800-HURTLINE right now can help you make a new start, whether seeking benefits for the first time or appealing a denied claim. The Dan Davis Law Firm has experience helping those unable to earn a living get the benefits to which they are entitled.

An experienced attorney knows how to avoid common application mistakes so that benefits may be awarded to the disabled worker more promptly, without the delay of the Reconsideration or Hearing processes.

Should the application process reach the hearing stage, it can be very important to arrange legal representation early enough to allow time to properly prepare for the hearing. Claimants not represented at their administrative law judge hearing are denied two times more often than those who are represented by legal counsel.

Steps to support a Social Security Disability claim

To support your legitimate Social Security claim, an attorney may undertake any or all of the following steps:

  • Gather medical evidence
  • Protect your right to a fair hearing by objecting to improper evidence and procedures
  • Contact your doctor to explain Social Security Regulations to obtain a report consistent with those regulations
  • Assess any written questions the Administrative Law Judge may have in requesting an additional medical opinion
  • Send you to a vocational expert to determine your ability to work
  • Obtain documents from your Social Security file and review any actions taken by the Social Security Administration
  • Request subpoenas to ensure the presence of crucial witnesses or documents at your hearing
  • Cross-examine Social Security Administration witnesses at your hearing
  • If you win, make sure that the Social Security Administration correctly calculates your benefits
  • If you lose, request a review of the Hearing Decision by the SSA Appeals Council

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Contact the Dan Davis Law Firm right away at 1-800-HURTLINE. We always take the time to hear your side of the story so that we can offer you our best guidance on how to respond the events. There is no obligation and no fee for the initial consultation. It may be important to act before too much time passes — a delay may affect your rights to pursue compensation.