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Internal Injury

Representing internal injury victims

An auto accident can happen in an instant — don’t wait another moment to find aggressive and experienced legal representation in Oklahoma car accident cases. Call the Dan Davis Law Firm at 1-800-HURTLINE right away. Accidents in which the passenger compartment of a vehicle experiences severe impact, such as a head-on accident or semi truck accident, may result in internal injury on passengers. Organ damage or internal bleeding are injuries that require surgery, which can incapacitate an accident victim and prevent them from returning to work for weeks or months. Seat belts can save a life by preventing a traumatic brain injury or other head injury, but they can also lead to broken ribs, strained or torn muscles in the abdomen, and other internal injuries. Severe damage to internal organs may require the removal of that organ, a life-long condition the victim must cope with medically and financially. Recovery can involve expensive prescription medicines with powerful side effects.

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At the Dan Davis Law Firm, we understand the difficulty you and your family are going through — will the insurance company respond the same way? Don’t wait to find out if you will be treated fairly in your internal injury case. Contact our offices today by calling 1-800-HURTLINE. Put our experienced legal professionals on your side. Pursue the full compensation you are owed. The initial consultation is free.