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Riders and passengers on motorcycles can suffer devastating injuries. We’re here for you. Contact us.

With little to protect them other than durable clothing and a helmet, riders on a motorcycle typically suffer serious injuries. A motorcycle accident injury, particularly in highway accidents on I-35 or I-40, or in crashes involving a larger commercial vehicle, can have a devastating impact. In Oklahoma, the state reports there were 1,541 motorcycle crashes in 2013 alone. Ninety-two of those accidents were fatal and 330 people were seriously injured. In fact, bikers are 300 percent more likely to suffer a motorcycle injury than someone inside of a car in a crash, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Please visit the following sections for a closer look into motorcycle crashes:

While many riders are taught to ride defensively, even the most defensive riders may be involved in an accident that can lead to leg injuries, road rash, arm injuries and back and neck injuries, to name a few common types of motorcycle accident injuries.

In motorcycle accidents, riders and passengers may be thrown from the bike, which may result in any of the following types of severe injuries:

  • Broken bones
  • Bikers’ arm
  • Road rash
  • Loss of limbs
  • Internal injury

You may be unable to return to work. Depending on the nature of the injury, medical bills can reach tens of thousands of dollars or more. You may be unable to complete basic household chores. Our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to help you build the strongest possible case to see that you are fully compensated for your losses. You may be entitled to damages for the following losses:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Loss of property

How A Motorcycle Accident Happens

A motorcycle accident is often the result of negligent behavior on the part of the other driver. In many cases, the other driver fails to recognize a motorcycle’s more narrow profile among other vehicles in traffic. This may result in the following cases:

  • A side-swipe accident caused by a distracted driver changing lanes on the highway. These are all too common types of I-35 accidents and I-40 accidents
  • Passing on a two-lane road and not realizing a motorcycle is oncoming. This may lead to a head-on accident
  • Motorist turns left across oncoming traffic, not realizing a motorcycle is approaching

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Many motorcycle accident injury cases involve getting compensation to manage the life-long effects of the injury, such as paralysis, amputation, or traumatic brain injury (TBI). In cases where a rider is struck in a head-on accident, the results are often fatal and, if negligence is a factor in the accident, may be grounds for a wrongful death claim.

Other motorcycle accident injury cases involve a multiple injuries of varying severity, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Extensive and severe abrasions requiring skin graft
  • Loss of use of a finger or fingers
  • Internal injury

If the motorcycle accident leads to surgery, the victim may need expensive prescription drugs as part of the rehabilitation process. The experienced legal professionals at the Dan Davis Law Firm know how to fully assess the financial impact of a motorcycle accident injury, which may potentially include compensation for lost wages and future medical expenses.

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