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Even though you pay your premiums reliably, your insurance company does not work for you. Your insurance company works for the shareholders whose primary interest is minimizing payouts to maximize profits. Honest, hardworking people are often drawn into disputes with an insurance company and quickly find they lack the legal knowledge to know where they stand. Calling 1-800-HURTLINE can put the knowledge of the Dan Davis Law Firm on your side today.

To dig deeper into insurance company issues related to accidents, visit the following sections on this page:

The accident you are involved in may invoke your own car insurance coverage, or all liability may rest with the other driver. If the other vehicle was a commercial vehicle, the types of coverage and overlapping responsibilities can make it hard for someone who lacks legal training to determine who owes you compensation, and to what extent. We can help, even in cases where you suspect that bad faith insurance has unfairly denied you compensation you are owed.

Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Accident

If you suffer injury due to a hit-and-run accident, or by an uninsured motorist (either from out of state or in violation of Oklahoma’s Compulsory Liability Insurance law), you can pursue an uninsured or underinsured driver claim ONLY if you voluntarily purchase this type of coverage as part of your own insurance.

Uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance applies only to claims of personal injury to you, resident members of your family, and occupants of your car. It does not protect against loss of property. Your purchase of a UM/UIM policy or rider may help you if you are in an accident. Without this insurance, you may have to pay medical bills out of pocket due to the negligence of an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

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Car Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance is required for all Oklahoma vehicles. This is known as “Compulsory Liability Insurance.” This mandatory minimum car insurance coverage addresses two aspects of liability:

  • Liability Bodily Injury
  • Liability Property Damage

It is commonly referred to as “25/50/25,” meaning:

  • $25,000 for medical expenses incurred by an individual driver
  • $50,000 for combined medical expenses of all occupants
  • $25,000 for property damage, including victim’s vehicle

Insurers are required to offer Oklahoma drivers Uninsured Motorist/ Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM). Although you are not required to buy it, we recommend you consider adding such a provision to protect yourself from major losses in the event of a serious accident caused by an uninsured motorist.

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Insurance Companies and Motorcycle Accidents

We have seen all too often how an insurance company will attempt to deny a rider’s claim after a motorcycle accident simply because the rider was on a motorcycle. The insurance company may attempt to put pressure on the injured rider by suggesting that he or she knew in advance of the greater risk of motorcycle accident injury and therefore “assumed” the liability for the resulting injury.

At the Dan Davis Law Firm, we are not intimidated by insurance company tactics or legal pressures. We know the rights of motorcycle riders. We know how to fairly evaluate the circumstances, such as whether driver distraction or speeding on the part of the other motorist played a role. To protect those rights, call today.

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Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

The insurance companies in truck accidents often will not make obtaining a fair settlement easy. Because multiple parties are involved in any single commercial truck shipment, a truck accident injury victim may have to deal with multiple and overlapping insurance companies. Separate insurance companies may represent the following parties:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Logistics company
  • Owner of trailer (which may be different than the owner of the “cab”)
  • Owner of material being shipped

This process may make it difficult for the average person to establish liability in the 18-wheeler accident. That’s why we urge you to take action right now by getting in touch with the Dan Davis Law Firm. Your consultation is free. You pay no upfront costs. We get paid a fee only if you win.

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Insurance Coverage and Dog Bites

The insurance coverage for dog bite injuries typically is part of a homeowner’s personal liability policy. Dog bite cases in some ways are similar to premises liability cases, in which a property owner has an obligation to meet reasonable standards of maintaining safe conditions.

To meet reasonable standards of maintaining safe conditions, property owners with dogs may need to have:

  • Appropriate fencing of yard or kennel
  • Appropriate restraint of dog in public
  • Appropriate supervision of visitors to property

Most victims of dog bites know the owner and the animal, which may make the victim feel uncomfortable in making a dog bite claim. It is important to realize that the insurance coverage for dog bites is typically the only source of any dog bite compensation the victim receives. The money does not come out of the pocket of the owner.

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Disputes with Insurance Company

Many accident victims find themselves in disputes with an insurance company over the validity or extent of their claim. Some of these disputes constitute bad faith insurance practices. Our experience shows us that many of these disputes are nothing more than a delaying tactic on the part of the insurance companies. They recognize that a person facing expensive medical bills and an inability to return to work may settle for less the longer the matter “drags on.”

A law office experienced with personal injury law may be able to help you overcome delays in the claim process by effectively handling efforts to deny a claim such as:

  • Insurance company doctor concludes the accident victim is not seriously injured.
  • Accident victim can’t recall, describe, or document exact details of the accident, such as speed or distances
  • Safety features on victim’s vehicle (headrest, seat belts, rear view mirror, turn signal, etc.) not properly installed, maintained, or used
  • Failure to avoid accident was related to the victim’s lack of attention or improper driving
  • Errors or inconsistencies in police report

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Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance companies may be exercising bad faith insurance practices if they fail to handle claims with a reasonable degree of efficiency and ethical conduct toward the party who was injured or lost property. For victims of head-on accident, I-40 accident, or truck accident who are unable to support their family due to injury, such practices can cost an injured person everything they have.

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Medical Bills

Medical bills are among the primary and most easily calculated damages in many cases of personal injury. The cost of your future medical expenses is less easy to determine. An experienced attorney can help you assess the full value of your current and future medical expenses. It’s especially important to obtain quality legal assistance in cases of permanent injury such as:

Some auto accident injury victims may have purchased “medical payments” insurance as part of their own car insurance. If your insurance company is disputing your claim, don’t hesitate to call our firm. We are ready to help.

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